My Resume

What do I do? Well I design and implement channel branding through streamlined automation. I create branded show packages and promotions, on-air and online. I oversee other artists, establish procedures, organize files, create a backup system, and enforce a style guide. In addition to this, I budget, propose, configure, and maintain department hardware and software.

For more information about my skills and qualifications, download the rest of my resume.

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My Demo Reel

I have more than 10 years experience in broadcasting doing live events, programming, and promotions. While I express my love of art across a wide range of media, I think my skills in motion design showcase my strengths in both traditional art, technology, and 3D design. My most recent demo reel shows the work I have done in commercials and on-air graphics including the pieces which were nominated for an Emmy in 2005. Click below to view my demo reel.

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My Portfolio

I have had a life long love of art in a variety of forms. With so many hurdles to overcome in technology, it is important to have a strong foundation in traditional forms of art so that the regardless of the requirements or restrictions, the project can always look its best. My portfolio shows my skills in traditional art such as drawing, painting, and photography. Download my traditional portfolio in PDF format.

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In addition to my love of art, I also volunteer with a guinea pig rescue and maintain a community website dedicated to their lifestyle.

Additional Info